Crane Scales

The simple transport solution with integrated scale

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The added value to you



Outstanding repeatability and accuracy


Our crane scales are robust and heavy duty type



Pre-calibrated or even calibrated ex works



Transporting and weighing, two processes in one



Various measuring ranges, materials and options



Designed with low height with or without hooks to avoid unnecessary losses in lifting height

Why is the crane scale the right choice for my plant?

With the benefit of our many years of experience we help you to select the right equipment for your system.

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:

You need a compact, precise crane scale in order to weigh your goods during the transport or lifting process.

The scale should be custom-made to your requirements and at the same time offer a good price/performance ratio.

The weighing results must be easy to read off and possibly saved directly onto a USB stick or via     Wi-Fi/wireless connection to a computer.

The ideal solution:

Within a measurement range of 300 kg to a maximum of 50,000 kg you can weigh practically all the goods which are suspended on your lifting system.

The electronic and the display is integrated into the scale. The scale can be operated by a remote control.

Wireless interfaces (RF, Bluetooth) are optional and if required the crane scales are calibrated ex works. The scales can be equipped with a printer or an “alibi”- memory.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a series of information about our products, starting with the access to our data sheets.

How does the crane scale work?

Like all scales, crane scales comprise two core components: the load cell and the electronic.

A tension load cell, approved for certification, is integrated by means of standardised components, such as shackles, hooks and connection rings into an existing loading crane and the goods to be weighed are suspended as usual.

The electronics system installed on the tension load device analyses the DC voltage signal from the load cell and shows the suspended load directly on the LED or LCD display (kg or t).

The display is illuminated which makes it easy to read off even in conditions of poor visibility.

An integral battery provides the power supply for the electronics. Round-the-clock operation is also possible if two batteries are used.

The crane scale can also be zeroed and/or tared by a remote control.

The weighing data can be transmitted over standard interfaces (Wi-Fi, wireless, Bluetooth, USB key, etc.) into a network, to a PC or a printer.

With calibrated scales, the weight is stored in an alibi memory or printed out.

Depending on the application software, the scale can allocate the product specification and other information (article numbers, etc.) to the weight values.

Special ATEX- models can be supplied for use in explosion-proofed areas.

Technical data

Measuring ranges: 300 / 600 / 1,500 kg
Resolution: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 kg

Measuring ranges: 1,500 kg (calibrated)
Resolution: 0.5 kg

Measuring ranges: 1,500 / 3,000 / 6,000 kg
Resolution: 0.5 / 1 / 2 kg

Measuring ranges: 3,000 kg (calibrated)
Resolution: 1 kg (optional: 0.5 kg)

Measuring ranges: 3,000 / 6,000 / 9,500 kg
Resolution: 1 / 2 / 5 kg

Measuring ranges: 6,000 kg (calibrated)
Resolution: 2 kg (optional: 1 kg)

Measuring ranges: 9,000 kg (calibrated)
Resolution: 5 kg (optional: 2 kg)

Measuring ranges: 12,000 kg
Resolution: 5 kg (optional: 2 kg)

Measuring ranges: 15,000 kg
Resolution: 2 kg

Measuring ranges: 15,000 kg (calibrated)
Resolution: 10 kg

Measuring ranges: 25,000 kg
Resolution: 5 kg

Measuring ranges: 35,000 kg
Resolution: 10 kg

Measuring ranges: 50,000 kg
Resolution: 20 kg (optional: 10 kg)

Painted or made of stainless steel

ATEX protection:
Ex II 2GD IIC T4 T197°C X

Electronic evaluation unit

Illuminated / backlighted display
Various character heights

Integral battery, optional replacement battery for 24-hour operation

Full Bridge Strain Gauge Sensors, with remote control

Optional printer, Wi-Fi, RF , Bluetooth, USB, etc.

Stainless Steel or standard steel painted

Type of Protection:
up to IP68 (depending on model)

Working Temperature Range:
-10°C to +40°C
(optionally up to +80°C)

Totalization and formula weighing, counting
check weigher, peak value detection

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