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5,500 kg up to 15,000 kg

We work with you to optimise the solution of your mobile or stationary weighing application

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T33 Wägezelle robuste Wägemodule Biegebalken

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The added value to you


Economically-priced solution for mobile applications and container weighing


Extremely sturdy – tolerates 150kN in all directions


Available options

Special sizes on request



Simple mounting – all connections secured with M24 screws



Can also be supplied in stainless steel

Why is the T33 module the right choice for my plant?

T33 Wägezellen robuste Containerwaage Abrollcontainer

With the benefit of our many years of experience we assist you in selecting the optimum weighing module for your application.

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:

You would like to measure the weight or the force on a vehicle or another mobile component.

The braking and acceleration forces make it necessary that the component to be weighed (the hopper, the rotary drum or the container) is securely connected to the substructure.

High forces can be generated in all directions.

Possibly the environment is dusty, corrosive or damp. The weighing system must offer a substantial safety margin.

The ideal solution:

The T33 load cell is suitable for forces of up to 150kN (15 t) in all directions.

Each T33 load cell is secured to the structure with 2(4) high-tensile M24 (8.8) screws.

The module secures the component to be weighed (hopper, container, tipping tank) in all axes and therefore can absorb maximum forces of 150kN.

The T33 module is largely resistant to vibration, dust, humidity and corrosion. However, it does not allow thermal expansion.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a series of information about our products, starting with the access to our data sheets.

How does the T33 module work?

The robust T33 weighing module is mounted on two spacer plates.

The force to be measured is applied centrally into the bending bar.

Metal strain gauges record the deflection proportional to the force and convert this into a voltage signal.

The T33 module has been specifically designed for use under tough environmental conditions and with strong shock loads.

The module principally records vertical loads; however, it is very resistant to lateral forces.

The fact that the module is secured by high-tensile M24 screws ensures that it allows no movement.

Technical data

Measurement ranges:
6,000 kg (other measurement ranges on request)

Total height:
70 mm

5-12 VDC, max. 15 V

Output signal:
0.5 mV/V

Linearity error:
0.01% max.



Max. load:
15,000 kg in pressure, tensile direction and shear

Output resistance:
380 Ohm

Working temperature range:
-35°C to +80°C

Compensated Range:
-10°C to +45°C                                            

Insulation resistance:
> 2000 MOhm

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