Electronics for weighing and dosing systems

We work with you to configure the optimum composition of load cells / weighing modules and weighing electronics.

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Auswerteelektronik Amplifier Verstärker Messverstärker Wägezellen Gewichtsmessung Dosierung

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The added value to you


Permits for Europe, UK, Canada, the USA and Russia



Can be supplied with ATEX permits for Zone 2/22



The right evaluation for your process – available everywhere over the world



All current interfaces and signals available


High precision

Versions approved for certification can be supplied



Different casings and software functions can be supplied

Why is the evaluation unit from Hense Wägetechnik the right choice for my plant?

With the benefit of our many years of experience we help you to select the optimum connection for your weighing system.

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:

The range of evaluation units for load cells and flow meters (e.g. belt weighers) is almost unlimited and therefore very confusing for the user.

Many measurement amplifiers offer unnecessary functions and thus make commissioning and operation unnecessarily expensive and complicated.

Auswerteelektronik FlowSlide Amplifier Verstärker Messverstärker Waage

The ideal solution:

The evaluation unit must be compatible with the type and number of load cells.

It does not matter whether you need a simple display, an interface, a complex dosing function, a unit count, a Checkweigher or flow determination, we select the right electronics for your system and your application. Whether you require a large display, online data communication, custody transfer, explosion prevention and protection or have particularly tough environmental conditions, in no time at all we offer you the technically feasible option.

Our priorities are reliability, a high degree of measurement accuracy and an optimum price/performance ratio.

For specific applications, we construct an individual control system for your application.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a series of information about our products, starting with the access to our data sheets.

Technische Daten

Simple on-site amplifiers with 4 – 20 mA analogue output or bus connection
(Profibus DP, Profinet, Modbus, CAN bus, RS232, RS485, etc.),
wireless modem

Inputs and outputs, digital or as a relay

Housing design:
Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing for wall mounting,
control cabinet installation or rail mounting

10 – 30 VDC;
110 – 250 AC, 50 – 60 Hz;


Electronic units with and without display and remote large displays,
monochrome or coloured graphics

Type of protection:
up to IP 69k

Function / Software:
All functions of a simple truck loading via formulation dosing up to differential weighing, unit count, tolerance control, etc.

Mesures Canada, Meteorological Certificate (Russia)

Ex protection:
Zone 2 / 22

Weighing electronics with CAN BUS system

Intelligente Klemmdose Industrie 4.0 Einzelüberwachung Wägezellen Elektronik Verstärker

“Intelligent” Junction Box

The „intelligent junction box“ offers continuous monitoring of the weighing technology in use. Since no additional power supply voltage is required, the existing standard junction box can simply be replaced in most applications.

The individual mV-signals from the load cells, the mean value and the power supply voltage can be read off from the bright OLED display. Each junction box can monitor four load cells. Further load cells or silos can be accessed via the serial CAN BUS. The malfunction messages are displayed and stored – this makes fault finding much easier for the operator when there are sporadic disruptions and loose connections. Because the individual load cell signals are displayed, it is a simple matter to check that there is equal load on each container foot when installing the load cells. The collective fault message can be emitted via a relay output or the CAN BUS.

Target 260 Industrie 4.0 Wägezellen Elektronik Verstärker

Target 260 electronics / amplifier

The compact Target 260 electronics offers all the major functions of a current measurement amplifier at an outstandingly good price/performance ratio. In the standard model, it offers all the major interfaces for typical industrial applications.

The high-quality plastic housing is approved to protection class IP65. The system is simple to calibrate using the soft keys on the membrane keyboard and the self-explanatory menu navigation. All major parameters are permanently stored in the memory. The Target 260 is supplied with three output contacts and two digital inputs.

The Target electronics are also used as an evaluation unit for retrofitted silo weighing.

Status 290 Industrie 4.0 Wägezellen Elektronik Verstärker

Status 290S electronics with dosing function

The compact Status 290S electronics is constructed similarly to the Target 260 unit. The Status 290S thus offers the main functions of a measurement amplifier at an outstandingly good price/performance ratio. The most important interfaces of industrial applications are available already in the basic version.

The high-quality stainless steel housing is manufactured to protection class IP66. The „self-explanatory“ menu navigation makes the weighing system easy to calibrate.

All key parameters are permanently stored in the memory. The Status 290 is supplied ex works with three output contacts and two digital inputs. The serial modules also include easy-to-use software with a dosing function for filling or emptying containers.

Teleonix Auswerteelektronik Amplifier Wägesystem mit Datenfernübertragung Fernüberwachung Silostände Silostand Verbrauchsmeldung Verbräuche

Teleonix electronics for world-wide data communication

The Teleonix system offers you the possibility of observing your silo levels online by means of convenient software. The software can be operated on stationary computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Teleonix gives plant operators, hauliers and suppliers almost everywhere, around the clock, the possibility of manual or automatic access to the required information on silo contents, residual capacities and consumption. The software makes it possible to enter minimum or maximum limit values, to trigger a message by SMS or e-mail, or to send an automatic order for raw materials from suppliers.

In addition, Teleonix offers a clear display of consumption for individual components. The emptying time up to the minimum fill level or order point is automatically calculated and displayed. Shippers can be commissioned and service technicians can be notified of system malfunctions.

Combined with the „Intelligent Junction Box“ and the Target or Status evaluation unit, the state of the individual load cells can be permanently monitored.

Auswerteelektronik FlowSlide Amplifier Verstärker Messverstärker Waage

Weighing electronics for flow measurement or with customer-specific software

With FlowSlide and to some extent with belt weighers a freely programmable electronics system with special software is used for flow measurement. This offers a wide range of possibilities with respect to the interfaces and the inputs and outputs.

Dosing with coarse and fine flow and automatic overrun correction and the complete remote control of the electronics system via various bus systems is thus possible.

Simple electronics units with an attractive price/performance ratio are also available for standard belt weighers.

Fernanzeige Remotedisplay Ampel Gewichtsanzeige

Remote displays

Remote displays in a variety of display sizes are available for a reading distance of up to 70 m (up to 140 mm character height). The remote display can be manufactured as a pure display or as an amplifier. As an option, the remote display can be supplied with an integral traffic light (e.g. for truck loading).

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