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The added value to you


No downtime and no mechanical modification required


Maintenance-free and operationally reliable



Easy mounting on existing silo supports or frames


Low price – especially for large silos

Why is the strain gauge sensor the right choice for my plant?

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:


You would like to retrofit load cells to your silo or container.


You load a silo truck from the production silo. The silo truck is weighed on the weighbridge and is 2.5 t too heavy. This means it has to return to the silo and you have to spend time insufflating material back into the silo.


Yesterday the silo filling level measurement was still displaying at 30% contents.

Suddenly the silo is empty and production grinds to a halt!

From where can you obtain products as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, the price scarcely comes into the equation when production downtime occurs.

There is no reliable content control based on weight.

The ideal solution:

The strain gauge sensors are simply screwed onto the existing support structure.

It does not matter whether this is a double T support profile, pipe support or skirt support; the temperature-compensated sensors record the compression when the silo is filled or the expansion when it is emptied. They convert these changes in length into a weight signal, which is proportional to the silo content.

The sensors are absolutely linear and free of hysteresis. Within a few hours this provides reliable stock control over the weight, without the need for any conversion or production downtime.

Schermessung DMS Dehnungsmessstreifen horizontaler Träger Nachrüsten

Upon request, we will gladly send you a series of information about our products, starting with the access to our data sheets.

How does the strain gauge sensor work?


The strain gauge sensors are secured by high-tensile machine screws to the support structure of the silo.

The sensors record the silo content by means of compression, expansion, bending or shear.

Since the sensors measure changes in length of only a few micrometres, it is particularly important that each sensor is optimally temperature compensated for the support material. Hense Wägetechnik offers specific sensors for structural steel, aluminium and stainless steel.


The measurement is in two axes and so the change in length is compensated by normal fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Technical data – Micro-cell/LCell sensor

Strain gauge semi-conductor

12 VDC



Sensor protection class:
IP 65

System accuracy:
depends on support structure

Cable length:
5 m

Nickel-plated steel or stainless steel

Technical data - electronics

Bright OLED display

115 – 240 V / 50 Hz
or 12 – 28 VDC

max. 8 semi-conductor strain gauge sensors

Outputs (optional):
RS 232/485/4 – 20 mA / switching points /
Profibus / Profinet / etc.

Plastic or stainless steel

Type of protection:
IP 67

Type of mounting:
Wall mounting or control cabinet installation

Working temperature:
-5°C to +45°C

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