Intelligent Junction Box

The new weight-monitoring generation

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Intelligente Klemmdose Instandhaltung Montage Überwachung Wägezellensignale Elektronik Verstärker

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The added value to you



Simple monitoring of each individual load cells


Sturdy design – suitable for industrial use


Relay output signals „all functions OK“



CAN bus interface for safe transmission of the signal to the measurement amplifier



No external power supply required, long transmission length via CAN bus


Detects overload, underload and imbalanced load of the load cells


Bright, high-contrast OLED display

Why is the „Intelligent Junction Box“ the right choice for my plant?

Intelligente Klemmdose Behälter Instandhaltung Montage Echtzeit Überwachung Wägezellensignale Elektronik Verstärker

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:

The container is mounted on the load cells and the plant can be commissioned.

Now the correct workload for each of the load cells should be checked. To do this, you need a high-quality multi-meter for measuring the individual signals.

The signal line for each load cell is disconnected, the signal is measured and then re-connected and the next load cell is checked.

Where required, the container foot must be shimmed / lined; then you start all over again…

The ideal solution:

With the „intelligent junction box“ you have all the load cell signals in sight at once.

The individual signals (mV/V) appear in parallel on the display and the result of shimming is immediately obvious.

A fault in the wiring, a cable break, as well as underload and overload can be displayed and transmitted to the measurement amplifier. This makes sense both for mounting and for monitoring during operation.

Monitoring of every single aggregate in the field level is part of the philosophy behind the Industry 4.0 initiative. The intelligent junction box puts these ideas into practice.

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How does the Intelligent Junction Box work?

The „Intelligent Junction Box“ can monitor up to four load cells.

For more than four load cells it is possible to link up to eight junction boxes together through the CAN bus.

The individual signals are added up in the electronic evaluation unit.

The malfunction messages are displayed and acknowledged on the „Intelligent Junction Box“ and on the downstream evaluation device. Each fault message (e.g. a cable break) can be suppressed or displayed as a warning or alarm, which must be acknowledged.

Intelligente Klemmdose Industrie 4.0 Einzelüberwachung Wägezellen Elektronik Verstärker
Technical data

IP65 plastic for rail or wall mounting,
optionally available in stainless steel

Bright, high-contrast OLED display,
256×64 pixel

174 x 120 x 37 mm,
Mounting 162 x 88 x 4.5 mm

0.65 kg

Power supply:
5 – 10 VDC / 60 mA by means of supply to the load cell electronics,
alternatively 24 VDC externally

Inputs and outputs:
4 full bridge strain gauges, CAN bus,
Load cell sum signal

Relay contact to fault message

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