Load pin

The individual solution to measuring weight and force without losing height

250 kg up to 500 t

We work with you to optimise the design for measuring loads and forces

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The added value to you



Simply replace existing bolts to install and retrofit


Measuring ranges from 250 kg to 500 t



Manufactured in stainless steel / IP 67 or IP 68


Manufactured to your individual requirements (diameter, length, etc.)



Outstandingly reproducible and accurate


Options available

2 mV/V, 4-20 mA or digital output

Why is the load pin the right choice for my plant?

Anwendung Kraftmessbolzen Messbolzen loadpin Praxis

With the benefit of our many years of experience we assist you in selecting the optimum force measurement system for your application.

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You are probably familiar with the following situation:

Forces have to be measured in existing machines or crane systems.

It is not possible to use conventional load cells.

The ideal solution:

The load pin replaces the existing bearing pin. Therefore, it is manufactured exactly in accordance with the dimensions and tolerances of the existing pin.

The force affecting the load pin is measured and standardised with strain gauges.

Special load pins with integral electronics or interface can also be manufactured.

Es können auch spezielle Lastmessbolzen mit integrierter Elektronik/Schnittstelle gefertigt werden.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a series of information about our products, starting with the access to our data sheets.

How does the load pin work?

Load pins offer a simple, reliable solution to monitoring and measurement of crane load, lifting gear and machines.

One example of a specialised use is weighing liquid aluminium in tilting furnaces.

The pins are manufactured to dimensions and tolerances to meet customers‘ specifications.

2 mV/V full bridge signals, 4 – 20 mA or bus interfaces (CanBus, Modbus, etc.) can be supplied as output signals.

Technical data

Measurement ranges:
250 kg up to 500 t (special sizes possible)

5-12 VDC, max. 15 V

Output signal:
2 mV/V, 4-20 mA analogue output

Linearity error:
0.25% max.



Max. load:
150% of the nominal load

Output resistance:
350 Ohm

Working temperature range:
-10°C to +65°C

Insulation resistance:
> 2,000 MOhm

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